Sunday, April 25, 2010

Outdoor track season

The outdoor track season has started and so far is going great. After NCAA indoors I took a little break from the track and just ran and trained mostly on my own. I got to go home for spring break and recharged my batteries with my family in Sarnia. I am looking forward to Big East next weekend, I will be running the 5000m and I'm excited to see what I can run. The temperature in Morgantown has been great and I really look forward to my runs everyday.

I have been biking to class everyday and I really love it, I don't have to rely on the shuttle to get to class. Biking to class everyday is a workout of it's own since Morgantown is so hilly. Everytime I bike home I have to go up a very steep hill and that is harder than any track interval. When I get to the top, I always get a feeling of accomplishment. haha I'm serious it is that hard. It is even harder when my bag is fully of groceries and books but I believe it only makes me a better runner.

So this week is my last week of classes and I'm so happy this semester is finally over. I enjoyed my classes but after a while they get old. It is going to be so nice to train and not have to go to class everyday.

So I know that I have been really bad at keeping up with my blog but I want to try to do a better job. I'm really excited about this season and I want to keep everyone posted.

Lets GO Mountaineers!!!!

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